Sidalcea hybride ‘Lilac Candice’ ™ 'Midawioha'

Colour: lilac-pink
Height: 60-80 cm
Flowering season: May-September
Wonderful, fresh green leaves, emerging in March already
For full sun in limy soil
This strong, long-living and hardy hybrid produces sturdy clumps; for that reason an excellent plant for informal planting schemes.

Geranium oxonianum ‘Sweet Candy’ ™

This Geranium doesn’t fall open and is covered in sweetish pink flowers blooming all over the plant. The vivid fresh green leaves give it a healthy appearance.
Height: 25 cm.
Flowering season: half May-half July followed by a second flowering in August and September.
For full sun or semi shade in loose, moderately damp or dry soil.
Winter-hardy, hardier even then the average Geranium oxonianum.
Very suitable for public spaces.

Eupatorium maculatum Red Dwarf ™ 'Dimahowi'

This Eupatorium is perfect for the smaller garden. The flowers have the same attractive, deep colour as the species. It is a sturdy upright growing Eupatorium, which can reach a height of 120 – 160 cm (47 – 63 inches), depending on the type of soil and moisture. Flowering season: mid-July to mid-October. This Eupatorium requires an open position in full sun and is also ideal for landscape gardening.

Campanula lactiflora Borderblues™ 'Madiwiho'

This Campanula produces large and firm clusters of huge racemes. The leaves are a deep, dark green and the flowers show the striking, deep colour of the species. For sun or part shade. This Campanula grows very well in a heavier type of soil, but will also grow in a limy, lighter soil. Dependent on the growing conditions it can reach a height of 80 – 140 cm (30 - 55 inches). Flowering season: mid-June – mid-August, immediately followed by a repeat flowering.

Sanguisorba officinalis Mornings Select ™ 'Morhowi'

This burnet produces a magnificent profusion of nice and vivid deep red inflorescences. Flowering season: June – August. Dependent on the growing conditions it can reach a height of 100 – 140 cm (40 – 55 inches). This Sanguisorba is also ideal for landscape gardening.

Geranium x oxonianum Maurice Moka ™ 'Madihowi'

This floriferous cranesbill combines dark and beautifully blotched leaves with soft pink flowers, a great blend. Because its stems stay upright during and after flowering, it is an excellent choice for the front of the border and for area planting. Preferably on free draining soil in full sun or light shade. Height: 25 cm (10 inches). Flowering season: end of May – mid-July, followed by a repeat flowering in September.

Geranium phaeum Shadowlight ™ 'Dimawiho'

This hardy Geranium mainly catches the eye in spring, when it displays a lovely arrangement of striking leaves and small purple flowers. This strong grower produces magnificent clumps, which makes it suitable for low-maintenance planting. For light or heavy shade. Height: 40 cm (16 inches).

Geranium pratense Mornings Eve ™

This hardy Geranium attracted the attention in the test plot because of its beetroot red stems and purple leaves, a stunning combination especially in spring. The violet blue flowers make a lovely display and complete the picture. Noticeable is that the leaves don’t drop, but cling to the red coloured stems until autumn. What is more, the plant is almost 100% sterile. No seedlings were found during selection and assessment. It is an upright growing plant, which can reach a height of about 50 cm (20 inches), dependent on its position.

Geum Mornings Hybrid ™

Geum Mornings Hybrid is a cross between Geum Richard Ahrends and Geum Mrs. W. Moore. It’s a vigorous grower, producing strong, long-living clumps with semi-nodding, semi-doubled yellow ochre flowers. Flowering season: May – July, followed by a repeat flowering in September. The plant prefers a humid soil in full sun or light shade. It will reach a height of 30 cm (12 inches), which makes it very suitable for the front of the border and for low planting schemes.

Astrantia involucrata ‘Adimihow’

This is a long-flowering Astrantia with large greenish-white flowerheads.
Flowering season: end of April – the second half of October.
During that period the plant produces unremittingly new flower stalks.
The flowers contrast well with the lower healthy leaves. It’s a real beauty in any border.
Height: 55-65 cm (20-25 inches). For semi shade in cool loose limy soil.
Eupatorium maculatum September Frost

A nice and sturdy upright growing Eupatorium with almost flat umbels. Striking are its extra long stamens; because of these stamens the umbels look – when they are bedewed – sugared or touched by frost. The colour of the umbels seems slightly lighter than in some other varieties of Eupatorium maculatum. This is also due to the long stamens, which make the overall impression slightly paler in dry weather.
Height: 160-180 cm (62-70 inches).
Flowering season: August – October.
For a sunny position in soil that doesn’t dry out.

Helleborus x nigercors Mornings Pride ®

This Hellebore is the smallest of its kind, but flowers nevertheless abundantly.
It is also a long-lived and healthy plant. Its height will be at most 9 inches (22 cm).
Depending on weather conditions the plant flowers between mid-January and mid-April, but it can easily be brought into flower before Christmas and can be sold as a pot plant.

Aster ‘Elegant Cloud’

An abundantly flowering aster, a result from a cross between A. turbinellis and A. laevis. It is a very healthy, sturdy, clump-forming plant.
Height: 100-120 cm. Flowering season: September-October.
For a limy soil in full sun.

Acanthus hybr. Mornings Candle™ 'Morwiho'

An abundantly flowering cross between A. mollis and A. spinosus.
Height: 140-160 cm.
Flowering season: June-October, but in a mild autumn possibly well into November.

Echinacea purpurea Alaska ®

An abundantly flowering and excellent growing Echinacea. Through the flowering season the flowers turn from green to white.
Height: 55-65 cm.
Flowering season: July-October

Delphinium elatum Wedgewood

An excellent selection of D. Morgentau with all its good properties.
Height: 140-160 cm.
Flowering season: June-July; second flowering in September-October.

Thalictrum Anne ®

Improvement of T. Elin. In summer aubergine coloured stems.
Height: 220-260 cm.
Flowering season: July-August; second flowering along the stems in September.
The plant stays in leaf until well into October.

Persicaria amplexicaulis High Society

Slender pink, orange-red tinged spikes.
Height: around 120 cm.
For sun or part shade.
Because of its airy nature it is an excellent plant for a more natural planting scheme, weaving itself between, for example, ornamental grasses.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Silverstripe’

A beautiful, round clump-forming Miscanthus bearing masses of pinkish-silvery, in autumn brownish-silvery plumes. The leaves of this plant, which stay green until November, have a striking silvery central vein.
Height, dependent on the soil: 90-120 cm.
Flowering season: September-October.
In full sun for any soil, apart from very wet heavy clay, where it won’t grow well, but better still than any of the other small Miscanthus-selections.