New Generation Plants

A creative business, which aims to rejuvenate and improve hardy garden plants. The hybridization is often done by human hand, but sometimes it is necessary to call in Mother Nature. After selection, the plants are tested over a lengthy period in test plots before they are put up for sale. This testing period is necessary to be able to assess whether or not the selected plants live up to our requirements. New plants are not necessarily better plants.

The plants are registered and protected under Plant Breeder’s Rights before they are sold to the wholesale trade.

Sales of new plants

Sales of plants which have been developed by New Generation Plants often go through the wholesale trade. These companies usually leave the cultivation of plants to specialized nurseries. Through various channels the plants are offered to consumers home and abroad.

Kwekerij de Morgen is an excellent place for individuals to buy plants which have been developed by New Generation Plants. Here the craft of plant growing is achieved through the eyes of a designer. The nursery is brimming with good garden plants, which you, as a consumer, can use to create a beautiful garden.